Icon PS3 MKII MM/MC pure Röhren Phono Vorverstärker

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Icon PS3 MKII MM/MC pure Röhren Phono Vorverstärker

No other phono stage looks like the PS3, and no other sounds as good! We firmly believe that the overall performance is one of the finest available.

Hi Fi World say "our favourite high end phono pre amplifier", the PS3 is now Hi Fi World "Reference Standard". Based on our very successful PS1 phono pre which won "5 Globes" in Hi Fi World (03/2008) for its excellent sound quality, we have used our experience to design a phono pre which corrects all the weaknesses of other designs, regardless of price.

What's special about the PS3?

The PS3 needs the best power supply. We use a large power transformer and a EZ80 valve rectifier followed by two large chokes for very smooth power. This is regulated by the excellent EL84 valve controlled by a 12AX7 for the very accurate smooth voltage necessary for true high end performance.

The preamplifier unit uses a unique circuit using 4x ECC88 to get the high gain and low noise for excellent detail and sound stage, and has the vivid colour and warmth. There are inputs for two turntables, with a moving coil option using our own "in house" designed and manufactured moving coil transformers.

The output valve is the excellent 6SN7. Introduced in 1940, a very musical sounding hi fi valve, with many old and new versions to try if you so desire!

The PS3 is a phono preamplifier of the very highest quality that will get the best from your pickup and work well with any kind of amplifier.

The PS3 has an unusually large output (1,260 mv) this with internal ALPs volume control enables direct coupling and control of many power amplifiers. A fixed output alternative is available on request.

The original specification for the LP system was designed in the days of valves long before transistors and micro chips, and we think that transistors are not suited to this job. In our opinion and that of our customers the change from transistor to valve for LP reproduction WILL GIVE YOU THE BIGGEST POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT in your hi fi that it is possible to get. (To date no PS3s have been returned as "unsuitable" despite the hundreds sold! Indeed many have been further upgraded with Jensen capacitors and more exotic valves.)

Specifications and Features

  • Built in volume control, to directly control power amps
  • Max output 40 volts before clipping = massive headroom
  • Two turntable inputs 1xMM 1xMC/MM
  • Signal to noise ratio 88db MM
  • Mono switch for better results from mono records
  • Valve rectified power supply
  • Valve regulated power supply
  • Twin Chokes for excellent smoothing
  • Separate Power supply for lower noise
  • All hand wired point to point
  • No printed circuit board to colour the sound
  • Easy to service and upgrade
  • Japanese Blue ALPS volume pot.
  • All Triode valves
  • 4x ECC88 1x 6SN7 (pre-amp)
  • 1x EZ80 1x ECC83 1x EL84 1 x 0A2 (power supply)
  • Sensitivity: 3mv for 1.26v output (0.3mv MC)
  • Gain MM 53db MC 72db
  • Load: imp: 47k MM, 100 ohms MC
  • Output source impedance 50 ohms
  • RIAA Freq response 20hz-20khz +0 – 0.5db
  • NO feedback used for RIAA
  • Solen/SCR audio capacitors Jensen upgrade option
  • Silver PTFE audio cable
  • Gold plated Input/output terminals
  • Detailed manual supplied with tube change info
  • 220/240volts (also 117v)
  • Pre-amp 15.5cmW, 33D, 17H*, 3.6kg
  • Power Supply 15.5cmW, 30D 17H 6.4kg
  • Packed: 40cmx40cmx28cm (0.044CM) 11.5KG

No compromise phono stage for MM and MC. Ultra refined power supply and sophisticated pure valve circuit stays true to the original design aims of the RIAA LP standard.

(Specifications subject to change, errors & omissions excepted. General July 2018)